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| quinta-feira, 8 de março de 2018
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EAC Setup Process

This guide was made for EAC version 1.0 beta 3 and will not completely work with earlier versions. Versions 0.99 or earlier should use the blowfish guide.

Anything with a green outline around it is a required setting. Anything orange is required but depends on your drive. Anything unmarked is optional.

This is meant to be a no-frills guide with little extra info.

Step 1: Download and install EAC

Download the installer and fire it up.

Eventually you'll get to a screen like this. Make sure you install AccurateRip, CDRDAO, CTDB, and freedb as a bare minimum. FLAC will be useful as well if you don't have it separately installed. GD3 is only useful if you want to pay for metadata results. I assume you don't.

Step 2: Start EAC

When you first start EAC, you'll see a screen like this one. Hit "Cancel". Next, put a popular CD into your drive, preferably not one that was recently released (a few months old at least). You'll see a window like the one below appear. If you have an older version of EAC or dBpoweramp installed, it's likely AccurateRip was already configured, and this may not appear.

Hit Configure. It may take a few minutes. Hit "Ok" afterward. Once again, if you have an older version of EAC or dBpoweramp installed, it's likely AccurateRip was already configured, and this may not appear.

Step 3: EAC Options

All of the options dialogs can be found from the EAC menu at the top of the screen.

Start with EAC Options. Any tabs not pictured are completely optional settings, or are irrelevant to ripping.

Make sure you set the green highlighted settings as shown. If you're using an older version of EAC, make sure "No use of null samples for CRC calculations is UNCHECKED. The rest is optional, choose as you will. Locking the drive tray during extraction isn't a bad idea though.

These settings are pretty much all optional and self explanatory. I'd recommend using Alternate CD play routines and disabling autostart though.

The "Create log files always in english language" is very important for our international users. This will let you keep EAC's language as your native one, but write the log file in English

If your drive is capable of reading UPC/ISRC codes and CD-Text (you can only really figure this out by trial and error), you're welcome to keep the top two options checked. Otherwise, uncheck them.

Other than that, these settings are pretty much ideal. I wouldn't recommend using more than 1 compressor thread even if you have a multicore computer. It doesn't take very long compared to the track extraction anyway. Note that in tests run by punkmeup, disabling the queue of external compressors in the background fixed an issue where EAC was generating WAV files instead of FLAC, so I've made that a required option. It should have no bearing on the rip quality. If rip queueing works for you (it does for me), feel free to leave it enabled.

Friends don't let friends normalize their EAC rips. Don't ever do it.

This is the proper way to name tracks. The only difference acceptable here would be perhaps %tracknr2%. %title% if you prefer periods instead of dashes in the filenames. If you need track numbers to go into triple digits for some reason, use %tracknr3% instead.

Naming Convention : %tracknr2% - %title%

Check 'Use Various Artists Naming Scheme' and use : %tracknr2% - %artist% - %title%
Don't replace spaces by underscores. It looks ridiculous.

Step 4: Drive Options

Start by hitting "Detect Read Features...". This will actually take a few minutes. The only feature detection that actually matters is Accurate Stream. If your drive can use it, checkmark the setting (most modern drives have Accurate Stream). If it can't, don't.

Even if your drive doesn't cache audio, just do us a favour and leave that checked. Not only will it stop you from having to have each of your uploads rescored by hand, but it doesn't affect the audio quality at all. Yes, the rips take a bit longer with that setting enabled. Go watch TV or something while you wait.

Do not use C2, even if EAC thinks you can. Most drives have terrible C2 error implementation.

Hit "Autodetect read command now". It shouldn't take long. Leave everything else unchecked unless you're having problems. You can checkmark "CD-Text Read capable drive" if you want to test whether your drive can do it. If it can, great, otherwise, uncheck it. It's unlikely you'll ever use that feature anyway.

If you did the AccurateRip configuration at the start of this guide, the top half here will be greyed out. If not, you'll need to find your read offset correction from this list. Don't use a combined read/write offset.

If you want to figure out whether your drive needs "Overread into Lead-in and Lead-Out" checked, you can check by temporarily unchecking "Use AccurateRip with this drive". Stick a CD in the drive and hit "Detect read sample offset correction...". If you're just doing this for the Overread, see below:

Originally Posted by
Check "Overread Lead-In and Lead-Out" only if the test result says that your drive can overread from both the Lead-In and Lead-Out, or if it says Lead-Out and your offset correction is positive ,or if it says Lead-In and your offset correction is negative. Otherwise disable (uncheck) it.
Remember to check "Use AccurateRip with this drive" again once you're finished. AccurateRip is always a good idea.

Pretty much every drive should work with the settings shown. If yours stalls on detecting gaps or detects gaps that are obviously wrong (like 30 second gaps on a non-live album), try Detection method B or C. If A, B, and C all fail, you can switch "Secure" to "Accurate" and try again.

Step 5: Metadata Options

Here's where you pick your metadata provider. If you did install GD3, it'll be in the list. You can only rip 10 discs before you have to pay for a subscription though. Otherwise, you have a choice between the MusicBrainz plugin (CTDB), freedb plugin and EAC's native freedb support. I'm not really sure what the big difference is, I'm guessing it's the cover+lyrics. Anyway, change those settings above if you wish.

If you use EAC's native freedb instead, the settings should look like this. Make sure you put an email at the top, it doesn't need to be real. Hit "Get active freedb server list". Then checkmark the last option.

Step 6: Compression Options

Set up this tab exactly as shown. You'll have to browse to the path where you have flac.exe, if you installed it with EAC it's in C:\Program Files (x86)\Exact Audio Copy\FLAC\flac.exe. If you installed it separately it's wherever you installed it. The bitrate and high/low quality have no effect on the rip.

The commandline parameters have changed in this version, so this will look new to most of you. The commandline recommended for optimal completeness is this:

-8 -e -p -V -T "ARTIST=%artist%" -T "TITLE=%title%" -T "ALBUM=%albumtitle%" -T "DATE=%year%" -T "TRACKNUMBER=%tracknr%" -T "GENRE=%genre%" -T "PERFORMER=%albuminterpret%" -T "COMPOSER=%composer%" %haslyrics%--tag-from-file=LYRICS="%lyricsfile%"%haslyrics% -T "ALBUMARTIST=%albumartist%" -T "DISCNUMBER=%cdnumber%" -T "TOTALDISCS=%totalcds%" -T "TOTALTRACKS=%numtracks%" -T "COMMENT=%comment%" %source% -o %dest%

It takes no extra effort on your part, just copy and paste that into the additional commandline options and you're done.

Note: the %comment% function is broken in version 1.0b2 (it returns the track CRC). Use something like -T "COMMENT=EAC V1.0 beta 2, Secure Mode, Test & Copy, AccurateRip, FLAC -8" instead.

Also, as of Beta 3 you may use the %tracknr1% variable instead of %tracknr% if you would like to have no leading zeroes in the track number field (like XLD does). tracknr1 will use, for example, '1' instead of '01'. 

A note on ripping to lossy formats like MP3: So first off, this is a complete waste of time. In most cases, EAC is overkill for lossy files, and takes far too long to rip the CD to be practical. Your best bet is to rip once to FLAC and then use a program like dBpoweramp to convert that rip to the other formats. Even if you don't need a FLAC it'll still be much faster to rip using any other program, and won't produce an audibly different result unless your CD has skips and bad scratches.

However, the MP3 and Ogg command lines are included below. You'll need to browse to LAME.exe or oggenc2.exe, and set the extension to .mp3 or .ogg, respectively. The other settings remain the same, bitrate is still irrelevant.

V0 MP3:
-V 0 --vbr-new --add-id3v2 --ignore-tag-errors --ta "%artist%" --tt "%title%" --tg "%genre%" --tl "%albumtitle%" --ty "%year%" --tn "%tracknr%" %source% -o %dest%

V2 MP3:
-V 2 --vbr-new --add-id3v2 --ignore-tag-errors --ta "%artist%" --tt "%title%" --tg "%genre%" --tl "%albumtitle%" --ty "%year%" --tn "%tracknr%" %source% -o %dest%

320 kbps MP3:
-b 320 -h --add-id3v2 --ignore-tag-errors --ta "%artist%" --tt "%title%" --tg "%genre%" --tl "%albumtitle%" --ty "%year%" --tn "%tracknr%" %source% -o %dest%

q8 Ogg:
-q 8 -a "%artist%" -t "%title%" -l "%albumtitle%" -d "%year%" -N "%tracknr%" -G "%genre%" %source% -o %dest%

Leave everything unchecked except the last option.

Congrats! EAC is now properly set up! You may wish to save your settings in a profile by hitting "New" at the bottom of the screen. However, unless you're changing your settings frequently there's no need, EAC will remember all of this on next launch regardless.

EAC Ripping Process

Step 7: Tagging

So now let's look at the main window. Be sure everything is named correctly here, as these will be the tags on your ripped files. If you're ripping a classical CD, you may wish to fill in the Composer/Performer fields.

Drag a cover image into the EAC window. I think ~500x500 is a decent size in most cases. Google images is your friend here.

If you're ripping a box set, you may wish to use the options under the cover image, otherwise leave them all as "1".

Finally, if you want to add lyrics to the tracks, use the "Lyrics" button.

Note: I've also highlighted the "New" button where you can save your settings. This is not a necessary step each time you rip.

Step 8: Gap Detection and Cuesheets

The pre-rip stuff happens here. Make sure "Append Gaps to Previous Track (default)" is checked. It should be. Next, hit the options in the order shown. 

First, hit "Detect Gaps". This is very important, your rip will fail the logchecker if you do not complete this step. If the first track is highlighted in red, you have a hidden track. You'll want to look at this section of the guide.

Next, go to Create CUE Sheet -> Multiple WAV Files With Gaps... (Noncompliant). This is usually where I create the folder for ripping as well. Do NOT rip your tracks to any directory containing your name. You should NEVER edit a log for any reason, especially now that we have checksums. A simple C:\EAC Rips is fine.

I name my directories as follows:
Artist - Album (Year) [Format] {Extra}

So for example, with the album in the screenshots, it'd be

Sam Roberts Band - Collider (2011) [FLAC] {UMC 0252764577}

However, as long as it contains the album name and no nested folders (don't do \Artist\Album\), you're fine by the rules here.

Anyway, make the folder, save the .cue file into it. I usually just name mine Noncompliant.cue, it doesn't really matter.

Step 9: Ripping

Finally, the rip itself! Make sure all the tracks are checkmarked in the main window unless there are some you don't want to rip.

Test & Copy -> Compressed.

Depending on your drive and whether or not the CD is scratched, this could take anywhere from ten minutes to four hours. Be patient.

Step 10: Post-Rip

So you're done! You may wish to use a logchecker to check and make sure your rip is proper, but if you followed this guide, the only possible errors would be with the CD itself. It does happen... some CDs are too badly damaged, even for EAC. Your best bet is to clean the CD and try again.
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Liberado Site MINHABOX

| sexta-feira, 11 de abril de 2014
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Bom Galera, como prometido o site está liberado  façam seus downlaods. estamos atualizando o site e colocando mais conteudos para sua diversão.

Quer fazer parte da equipe MINHABOX ?

deixe um comentario aqui , ou tambem deixe uma mensagem na pagina do facebook do minhabox, dizendo que quer fazer parte da equipe.

Liberado Site MINHABOX

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| sábado, 15 de março de 2014
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Fala Pessoal Sou o Ray Claudio um dos antigos postadores aqui do site Só no Mega.

Um novo site está sendo criado, e desta vez ele promete ser o melhor site de downloads de conteúdo multimídia. 

Maior, Melhor e Sem limitações

Isto é o que o site Minhabox promete depois da queda do site Minhacloud, que foi removido pela Google no dia 27/02/2014 por violação de direitos autorais. Saiba mais clicando AQUI

- O site desta vez terá uma nova interface, será mais simples que a anterior e contará com diversos conteúdos multimídia para download no servidor
Garante o Bruno (Fundador do Minhabox)

-,Estamos criando um novo site conforme dito cheio de conteúdos. Filmes series e Animes serão postados diariamente no site MinhaBox, não sabemos ao certo se ficaremos apenas só com esses conteúdos mas, iremos progredir ao longo do ano. Ray Cláudio (Co-Fundador do Minhabox).

O site lançará uma demonstração no dia 11/04/2014, que contará com algumas limitações até sair da fase beta.

- Lançaremos apenas uma demonstração do site no dia 11/04/2014, como é apenas uma demonstração terá algumas limitações. Não sabemos quando sairemos da fase beta, pode levar dias ou até mesmo poucos meses na fase de demonstração. Bruno (Fundador do Minhabox)
O site Minhabox colocará os seguintes conteúdos:
  1. Filmes, em AVI e Bluray
  2. Series, AVI, RMVB e Bluray
  3. Animes, AVI, RMVB e Bluray
Esses são apenas os poucos dos conteúdos que terá no site, até sair da fase beta. Quando sair da fase de demonstração não saberemos se irá ter mais conteúdo ou não.
Curtam a página do facebook MINHABOX para ficar por dentro das novidades:

Bruno Andrade - Fundador

Ray Claudio - Co-Fundador


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2ª Temporada Saint Seiya Omega – Episódio 67 – HDTV Legendado

| domingo, 11 de agosto de 2013
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Temporada: 2ª
Episódio: 68
Lançamento: 2013
Duração: 25 Minutos
Qualidade: HDTV
Áudio: 10
Vídeo: 10
Tamanho:75 MB EM MÉDIA
Ídioma: Japonês
Legenda: Legendado

Sinopse: O enredo de Omega acontece no futuro, 25 anos depois das guerras santas narradas no mangá original e sua adaptação para anime. A deusa Atena ainda está na Terra enfrentando o mal como vem fazendo há milênios. Atena e sua nova geração de Cavaleiros se preparam para enfrentar um novo inimigo que surge nesta nova era, em que Seiya de Pégaso, o protagonista do mangá de Kurumada, é reverenciado como um Cavaleiro lendário.

2ª Temporada Saint Seiya Omega – Episódio 67 – HDTV Legendado

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Até que a Sorte nos Separe DVDRip XviD Nacional

| sábado, 10 de agosto de 2013
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Título no Brasil: Até que a Sorte nos Separe
Título Original: Até que a Sorte nos Separe
Gênero: Comédia
Classificação etária: 12 anos
Tempo de Duração: 104 minutos
Ano de Lançamento: 2012
Direção: Roberto Santucci 

Tino (Leandro Hassum) é um pai de família de classe média que vê sua vida e, especialmente, seu casamento com Jane (Danielle Winits), completamente transformados após ganhar na loteria. O problema é que ele acaba perdendo tudo em dez anos de uma vida de ostentação. A partir daí, com a ajuda do vizinho Amauri (Kiko Mascarenhas) e de seu melhor amigo Adelson (Aílton Graça), ele cria uma série de situações hilárias para que sua esposa, grávida do terceiro filho, não perceba que está falido.

Leandro Hassum ... Tino
Danielle Winits ... Jane
Kiko Mascarenhas ... Amauri
Rita Elmor ... Laura
Carlos Bonow ... Rickson
Júlio Braga ... Guilherme
Julia Dalavia ... Tete
Henry Fiuka ... Juninho
Ailton Graça ... Adelson
Victor Mayer ... Bruno
Marcelo Saback ... Nelsinho
Rodrigo Santana
Maurício Sherman ... Olavo 

Tamanho: 850 Mb
Data De Lançamento: 2012
Duração: 109 Min.
Resolução: 720x384
Formato: AVI
Qualidade: DVDRip
Vídeo Codec: XviD
Áudio Codec: Mp3
Idioma: Português 
Legenda: Português

Até que a Sorte nos Separe DVDRip XviD Nacional

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Meu Namorado É Um Zumbi BDRip Dual Audio

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Título no Brasil: Meu Namorado é um Zumbi
Título Original: Warm Bodies
Ano de Produção: 2013
Ano de Lançamento no Brasil: 2013
Gênero: Comédia
Duração: 97min
Direção: Jonathan Levine

Em um mundo pós-apocalíptico, o zumbi R. (Nicholas Hoult) faz amizade com a humana Julie (Teresa Palmer), a namorada de uma de suas vítimas. O envolvimento dos dois acaba despertando uma reação em cadeia que o transformará, assim como outros mortos-vivos, perseguidos pelo general Grigio (John Malkovich).

Nicholas Hoult ... R
Teresa Palmer ... Julie
Analeigh Tipton ... Nora
Rob Corddry ... M
Dave Franco ... Perry
John Malkovich ... Grigio
Cory Hardrict ... Kevin

Qualidade do Video: BDRip
Formato do Arquivo: AVI
Codec de Video: XviD
Codec de Audio: MP3
Resolução: 640 x 352 pixels
Idioma: Inglês , Português
Legenda: Português

Meu Namorado É Um Zumbi BDRip Dual Audio

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Velozes e Furiosos 6 Bluray 1080p Legendado

| quinta-feira, 8 de agosto de 2013
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Título no Brasil: Velozes e Furiosos 6
Título Original: Fast & Furious 6
Gênero: Ação
Classificação etária: 14 anos
Tempo de Duração: 130 minutos
Ano de Lançamento: 2013

Desde que Dom (Diesel) e Brian (Walker) dizimaram o império de um chefão da máfia no Rio de Janeiro, sua equipe faturou US$ 100 milhões e nossos heróis se espalharam pelo mundo. Mas viver para sempre em fuga e não poder retornar para casa deixaram suas vidas incompletas.

Enquanto isso, Hobbs (Johnson) tem acompanhado por 12 países uma organização de pilotos mercenários mortalmente qualificados, cujo mentor (Evans) é auxiliado por uma cruel ajudante, Letty (Rodriguez) - que Dom achava estar morta. A única maneira de parar esses criminosos é vencê-los em uma corrida de carros nas ruas, por isso Hobbs pede que Dom recrute sua equipe de elite em Londres. Pagamento? Retirar todas as queixas de crimes para que eles possam voltar para casa, e reunir com suas famílias novamente.

Vin Diesel ... Dominic Toretto
Paul Walker ... Brian O'Conner
Dwayne Johnson ... Hobbs
Jordana Brewster ... Mia
Michelle Rodriguez ... Letty
Tyrese Gibson ... Roman
Sung Kang ... Han
Gal Gadot ... Gisele
Ludacris ... Tej
Luke Evans ... Shaw
Elsa Pataky ... Elena
Gina Carano ... Riley
Clara Paget ... Vegh
Kim Kold ... Klaus
Johannes Taslim ... Jah
Samuel M. Stewart ... Denlinger
Benjamin Davies ... Adolfson
Matthew Stirling ... Oakes
David Ajala ... Ivory
Thure Lindhardt ... Firuz
Shea Whigham ... Stasiak
Andrei Zayats ... Russian Officer
John Ortiz ... Braga
Jason Thorpe ... Snobby Auctioneer Organizer
Huggy Leaver ... Pawn Shop Owner
Alexander Vegh ... Forensic

Qualidade: Bluray 
Tamanho: 4.89 GB
Formato do Arquivo: MKV.
Qualidade de Áudio: 10
Qualidade de Vídeo: 10
Idioma: Inglês. 
Legenda: MEGA

Velozes e Furiosos 6 Bluray 1080p Legendado

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